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Military Fixed Bladed Knives and Bayonets

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    The 5IVE STAR GEAR 18' Army Issue Machete is a genuine US government issue machete from Ontario Knife Company. This Tactical Machete is made using high quality steel blades with polymer handles using a 3-rivet assembly method for durability. Also having a very durable Sawback option.

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    The Ontario Spec Plus 2 (SP2) also known as the Air Force Survival Knife, is a multi-use knife designed for a wide range of military, rescue and survival uses. The Air Force Survival Knife being the shortest of the Spec Plus Knives and features a practical design including small "teeth" (serrations) on the spine of the blade and a bowie style, clip point.

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    The Standard survival knife, included in Aircrew survival kits, in the USAF. The Ontario Knife 499 Survival Knife, aka "Bolt knife" flat "bolt" handle doubles as a hammer, or strike plate, pledge edge with a saw back. Comes with leather sheath, and sharpening stone. Hand guard has two holes for tying to a spear. Great workhorse in the woods. Originally...

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    Designed in cooperation with the highly-trained folks at S.E.I.G.E. (Strategic Edge Impact Global Enterprise) of Rochester, NY, the newest addition Ka-Bar's "Big Brother" - a 9 3/8” blade with a serrated top edge designed for hard work and constant use. Made in the USA 14 3/8” overall. Comes with a leather sheath.

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    You can perform heavy-duty cutting tasks with precision when you use the Ka-Bar Black Fighter Knife. This knife features a wide blade to give it extra strength for performing chores indoors or outdoors. The Ka-Bar knife features a leather/cordura sheath and a handle made of Kraton G.

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    The Ka-Bar Neck Knife is an ideal tool for tactical operations, hunting trips and other wilderness excursions. It features a clip-style blade that is made of durable 1095 Cro-Van steel. The high-quality blade is easy to sharpen. This versatile skeleton knife is also outfitted with a lightweight handle with a dedicated cutout to thread a necklace cord.

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