Welcome to GI Footlocker, Ltd we would first like to take this time to thank all of our supporter for their patience throughout this growing process.

Now that our website is launched we will be adding products on a regular bases, please check back often.  As always, please contact us if there are products you are looking for that we may have not added yet.

Starting as a hobby in 2011 GI Footlocker, Ltd originally was established to provide uniforms and gear to State Guard Soldiers at a reasonable price. This was also a great source to add to our collection of Militaria. After many suggestions we decided to take the next step and expand our business.


Our Management

Owner, Cliff, has many years of law enforcement experience under his belt as well as the benefit of being an army brat. His passion for the supplies we provide started as a young child growing up on military bases and following his father’s career in the US Army. Currently he is enlisted in the Ohio Military Reserve and combined with his law enforcement experience he has over  30 years of service to which he has acquired a vast knowledge of all forms of emergency services and military equipment.

Co-owner, Stephanie, has spent many years traveling and participating in all sorts of extreme sports, camping and excursions. This has given her the vast knowledge of our outdoor products and survival gear. Years of working in finance has contributed to her strong computer knowledge, financial expertise, and tax education to aid the company.